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For over 25 years, the Louisville Jewish Day School, an affiliate of Chabad of Kentucky, has been teaching its students the timeless Jewish values of Kindness and Loving One’s Fellow. Each year, the school does a project reflecting these values.

In 2019, the school reached out for donations of shoes to distribute to those in need. By the grace of G‑d, this request coincided with a desire of certain major retailers to reconsider their disposal methods for excess product.  In a short time, this modest program blossomed into numerous retailers donating numerous pallets and literal truckloads of new clothes and shoes to Chabad to be distributed to the needy instead of going waste in landfills.

Chabad of Kentucky feels blessed to be in the position to now create Project Friendship as its social services arm to focus much needed manpower and resources to fulfill its two primary objectives:

1. To provide new shoes, clothing, and household items to the poor and/or disadvantaged throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky, free of charge and...

2. To dramatically reduce our carbon footprint while helping to redistribute retail goods to those who need it most.

Project Friendship partners with other non-profit organizations, creating "Friendship Corners", providing them with the shoes, clothing and household items to distribute, free of charge, to the needy of Kentucky.